Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  Is it now the law in Santa Paula for my pet to be spayed or neutered?

A:  Yes it is required by City ordinance with a few exceptions

Q: Are the animals spayed and neutered when I adopt from SPARC?
A:Yes, all animals will be spayed or neutered, current on all vaccinations, and licensed prior to adoption.

Q: What does no-kill mean?
A: No-kill means that no healthy adoptable animal will be put down (euthanized) due to lack of space or time spent at the shelter.

Q: How can I help the shelter? 
A: You can Adopt a pet from SPARC, Foster, Volunteer and/or Donate.  You can sponsor a dog/cat or the shelter, become a volunteer, walk dogs, help at events, donate items on our wish list, help us with cleaning, yard work,      bathing  animals.   You can also donate money. For more opportunities, please inquire at info@Santapaulaarc.org.

Q: I think my lost pet is at SPARC.  What do I need to do to get it out?
A: Bring a personal photo of the pet and vet records to the front office. They will tell you what the procedure is to retrieve your pet.

Q: Do you accept animals from other cities?
A: No, SPARC is here to help the animals of Santa Paula, CA and just doesn't have the financial resources to help every pet from other areas.

Q: What is the adoption fee to adopt a cat or dog?
A: Please click here to check our Adoption Process page for our most current rates. The total fees include; vaccinations, spaying or neutering, and the implanting of a microchip.

Q: Do you know if this dog or cat is good with other dogs and cats or with kids?
A: We can never be absolutely certain of that, especially if the animal came in as a stray or if the previous owner did not give us that information.

Q: Can I adopt this animal today and pick it up in a few days?
A: As a No Kill shelter, our kennel space is limited, so we do expect that animals will be adopted and sent home the same day, subject to home checks, as required.

Q: When can I stop by to adopt an animal?
A: SPARC is open Tuesdays thru Sundays and closed on Mondays.  We are open for animal drop-offs on Mondays, however, but please call if you're desperate to adopt an animal on a Monday and we may be able to arrange.

Q: I found a stray animal who do I call?
A: If you found the animal within City limits and are able to safely catch the animal, please call 805-525-8609, or bring into SPARC?  If you cannot safely catch the animal, please call the SPPD at 805-525-4474 for Animal            Control Officer to pick-up.

Q: I’ve lost my pet can you help me?
A: Yes, we will be happy to post your animal's information on our website, on a flyer in the window and offer tips on how to find your lost pet.

Q: My children want to help the animals at SPARC - how can they do that?
A: Absolutely, we are always in need of help, although, due to insurance restrictions, under 18 year-olds are unfortunately not allowed to interact directly with the animals.  We do have many ways they can make a difference,      though, if you'd like to contact us?

Q: Do you take credit cards?
A: Yes

Q: My dog is not licensed can I purchase one from the shelter?
A: Yes, SPARC can issue a city license and an engraved ID tag when you bring in to the shelter proof of rabies shot.  The cost is $20 for an altered pet and $75 for an unaltered pet.

Q:  Can you help me find a home to rent which allows pets.

A.  Yes, Ventura County Animal Services has compiled a great resource page at http://vcaspitcrew.com/resources/ to help people find a pet-friendly landlord.

Q: Is it a good idea to let my dog or cat have a litter of babies before I get it spayed or neutered?

A:  No, definitely not!  Not only is it healthier for your pet to be spayed and neutered, but there are just not enough resources in Santa Paula for all of the unwanted animals being born.  Please help save lives and don't allow         your pet to reproduce?  Also, it is now against the law to have an animal that has not been sterilized in Santa Paula.






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